Christian Pastor & Spouse Bed Programme (PSB) and

Christian Pastor’s Parents Bed Programme (PPB)

With generous donation from the donors, Christian Pastor & Spouse Bed Programme (PSB) and Christian Pastor’s Parents Bed Programme (PPB) have been launched since January 2021, the programmes are to provide partial subsidy for eligible terminal ill patients which support them to receive high quality palliative care and hospice services in an ideal environment. 

Application Requirements

Application must be assessed by social worker of our centre according to the following criteria:

  • The applicant (patient) must be
    • Full-time Christian pastor/missionary/chaplain and their spouses, either practicing, retired or resigned due to the terminal illness (relevant proofs of ministry are required) or
    • Parents of practicing, retired or full-time Christian pastor/missionary/chaplain (relevant proofs of ministry are required)
  • Diagnosed with end-stage cancer or organ failure with life expectancy of 6 months or below
  • The applicant and family members have a consensus on adopting palliative care approach without further invasive treatment including DNACPR (do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
  • Application of level 2 or 3 subsidy requires further household financial assessment. Household includes the applicant and his/her family members living under the same roof.

Subsidy and Payments


Application and Approval

  1. The referral form needs to be filled out by the referring doctor and submitted with the relevant medical records, and the financial status of the patient will be assessed by the social worker of our centre (if applicable).
  1. This programme only covers the expenses of palliative care service for terminally ill patients (cancer or organ failure); any additional medical procedures or nursing services beyond the scope of palliative care should be arranged and paid by the resident.
  1. The charges of this programme includes the two parts: “Basic accommodation fee” and “Other charge “.
  1. “Basic accommodation fee” includes medical rounds, nursing care, personal care and all medications (except expensive drugs like target therapy) as well as adjuvant and alternative treatments need to be used (set a payment limit) after the doctor’s assessment.
  1. “Other Charge”, residents are required to pay according to “the percentage of co-payment” or full self-payment.
  1. The maximum duration of accommodation under this programme is six months in general. Our social worker will regularly review the condition of the resident, and discuss the discharge plan and explore suitable care arrangement with the resident and their family whose condition is stable. 
  1. Successful applicants will be accommodated in a room for 4 to 7 residents, the room arrangement will be determined by the center.
  1. In case of dispute, the decision of the centre shall be the final.

Enquiry :

2703 3000 Administration Department(General Application)

2706 8515 Social Worker, PSSD(Household Financial Assessment)