Care Together

Life and Death Education

The elderly and hospice care services are gradually being valued. In terms of promoting community life and death education, Haven of Hope Sister Annie Skau Holistic Care Centre develops “The life and death education and hospice care community training programme” based on its rich experience in serving the elderly and frail patients. Combining the reflection and understanding of faith and the eager response to the pastoral needs of the church and community, the professional team of the Holistic Care Center (experienced social workers, pastors, medical staff) provides appropriate training to share the seamlessness of missions connection, pastoral care, and medical ministries. Let us join hands with cancer patients and EoL care patients, to serve as the goal, enjoy the love of the Lord, “reconciliation with ourselves, with others, and God, and a whole life without regrets.”

Single Training Series (can choose only one training, each training about 2 hours)

  1. The comprehensive view of spiritual care
  2. Aspects of death
  3. Discussion about life and death with the elderly & patients
  4. Recognize the “Three Treasures of Peace” (Will, Enduring of Attorney, Advance Directive in relation to Medical Treatment)
  5. “LOST & FOUND” Life and Death Education Campaign
  6. Holistic support on the cancer journey
  7. Holistic treatment of the EoL care patients
  8. Care and communication skills for the EoL care patients
  9. Precautions — How much do you know about the EoL service of elderly?
  10. Home care of the EoL care patients
  11. Join hands with the family member to take care of the EoL care patient
  12. A Preliminary Study of Hospice Care and Good-bye Care
  13. Self-care for helpers

Group Training Series  ( 3-4 trainings per group, each training about 2 hours)

Example course 1

Compulsory Course for Long-term care service

The course covers a comprehensive support on the elderly, the patients and the EoL care patients, so as to allow fellow have a more comprehensive basic equipment knowledge on care, life care inspire fellow into ministry

Example course 2

The elementary of EoL care service

The course focuses on the care of EoL care patients, the 1st part of each course introduces the concept of EoL care, the 2nd part of the course focuses on caring skills,  balanced the theory and practice, it is suitable for the fellow who have basic caring experience and expects to explore in depth

Example course 3

Present the most beautiful/end” care service

The course not only focuses on the care of EoL care patients, but also support on EoL’s family, it is suitable for the fellow with experience in caring