JCECC Hospice Home

Home Support

To arrange specialist nurse or paramedics to visit the patient’s home for assessment and follow-up, so as to maintain close contact with service users and their families, and provide practical end-of-life home care guidance and spiritual support.

Service Highlights

Through a close cooperation with referral service agencies,  outreach services in a case management and palliative care support services are brought into the homes of patients with EoL disease, so that the elderly patients with severe illnesses can truly obtain “Ageing in  Place” with a high-quality of nursing service.

Service Content

In January 2016, with the support of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust Fund, “Jockey Club End-of-Life Community Care Project” (JCECC) was launched. This project aims to help improving the quality of hospice care services in the community, unite cross-border forces, connect the community and medical system through the different service models with strengthen the existing hospice care services. In addition, the comprehensive support is provided for the elderly with terminal illness to make them well-informed and have an appropriate choice for the hospice care service.

Service Target

  • Age 60 or above
  • EoL with cancer or other chronic organ failure patients
  • Average life expectancy general within 12 months

By Referral

The referral form should be filled out by medical staff or social worker and sent to our centre by email or fax.


Hong Kong is facing a rapidly ageing population, and the number of elderly suffering from terminal illnesses has also escalated correspondingly. In view of the growing demand for end-of-life care services in the community, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust approved around HK$520 million to initiate the “Jockey Club End-of-Life Community Care Project” (JCECC). Launched in 2016, the ten-year project aims at improving the quality of end-of-life care, enhancing the capacity of service providers, as well as raising public awareness.

JCECC is a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional and cross-sectoral collaboration to help enhance end-of-life care in Hong Kong with special emphasis on the interface between social and medical systems. Service models are being developed and shaped to provide holistic support to terminally-ill elders in the community and elderly homes. The goal is to enable the city’s older people to have informed choices of care and have an improved quality of life.

The Trust’s partners in JCECC are The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Social Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Ageing, Hong Kong Association of Gerontology, Haven of Hope Christian Service, The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, St James’ Settlement, and S.K.H. Holy Carpenter Church District Elderly Community Centre and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. Please visit http://www.JCECC.hk/

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