Message from the Medical Superintendent

Time flies, it was on 28 November 2006 that the Holistic Care Centre (HCC) admitted the first resident and started the mission of “Embrace the last Journey with Love”-  over 15 years ! Our consulting doctor, Dr. Ng shared his most precious lesson he learnt at the HCC to be “faith and humility”. It is true that at the beginning, at HCC, resources were scarce; services offered not recognized by the public. But whenever there was a need, God provided HCC miraculously. This taught us always to rely on God with faith and humble mind.

Thank the Lord for leading us through the “Highs and Lows” of these years, and using our centre to serve more than 2,600 terminally ill patients, including over 500 beneficiaries of Relief and Charity Bed Service and Sandwich Class Bed programs, helping them walked through their last journey on earth without regret, and testify the wonder of “Respecting life, Impacting life”. There are more than 600 residents and their family members who met and believed in the Lord Jesus in hospice and full of hope.

With your prayers and support, inspiring our team to forge ahead with “Embrace the Last Journey with Love” and continuing to develop the hospice ministry of SASHCC, in the past, with the grace of God, I believed in God’s protection and guidance, and continued to seek God’s will, the service will be able to continuously improve and fulfill our mission. We sincerely invite everyone to pray for the future service development of SASHCC, remind each other, support each other, and let our work be a blessing to more patients in need!