There are halls and small dining rooms/partial halls on all ward floors. In addition to providing a place for residents to rest, the lobby will also hold different activities regularly, such as worship of residents on Mondays and melodious music on Thursdays. A small dining room/partial room can be used by residents and their families, and the family members also can use the facilities such as the microwave reheats the food at the centre. The residents can choose to have a meal in the room or hall.

Each floor is equipped with an auxiliary bathroom, and the bath chairs or water beds will be arranged to help residents for taking a bath according to the situation of the residents.


Side Hall

Bathroom – There is an auxiliary bathroom on each floor, and the Centre will arrange a bath chair or a water bed to assist the residents to take a bath according to the residents’ situation.

Rehabilitation Centre – It is a well-equipped center and operated by physiotherapists and occupational therapists with an excellent nursing team, it provides intensive comprehensive rehabilitation training and care for residents to speed up the rehabilitation progress of residents.

Multi-Purpose Room – with a sufficient number of tables, chairs and stereos, the room can be rented by familiy members for celebrations or family gatherings.

Green Resting Terrace – It is built on each floor, and residents with disabilities can enjoy the natural environment.

Family Health Resource Corner – It provides family members with the latest information on various mental, social health, life and death education, and families in need can also rest in this space.

Chapel – The Chapel is well-equipped for worship and baptisms, and is also available for residents and their families to pray at any time. Communion service is held on the second Monday of each month and is open to residents and their families. The Chapel can also be rented by family members for Sabbath services (Christian form only) with a maximum seating capacity of 80.

Counseling Room – It is a spacious and warmly designed room to families for waiting for mourning, they can calm down and prepare to say goodbye to their loved ones.

Farewell Room – It is a place where family members bid farewell to and claim the remains. It is furnished like a bedroom with soft natural light, allowing families to say goodbye to their loved ones in a peaceful setting. If necessary, Farewell Room can be rented to hold a small memorial service by family members, it can accommodate up to 20 seats.

Rooftop Healing Garden – It features barrier-free planting facilities and plants that provide different sensory stimuli, such as edible plants and flowering plants. With the sound of running water and natural environment, residents and families can relieve stress and relax, and wheelchair/executive chair also can enter and exit freely in this barrier-free environment.