Service Model & Philosophy

“Holistic Care” Approach

Holistic care, or better called ‘wholistic’ care aims to take care of the whole person –body, mind and spirit and not the isolated body systems or parts. Illnesses are the result of imbalance or distorted relationships between different systems/parts of the body and the interaction of the body with other bodies and the existential surroundings.

Human beings, created in the image of God, have the unique ability to think, judge and search for moral values, meaning and quality of life. Ignoring spiritual needs of a person will fail to address total person care. This is of particularly importance in end-of-life care but should be extended to the practice of medicine as a whole.

Christ-centred Healing Model

The whole person care philosophy of the SASHCC is based on the love of Christ, respect of life and the worth of the individual. The Christ on the cross is at the very centre of our care model. When people experience the love of Christ, they will find reconciliation in relationships, with God, with their significant others and with their own selves. This will enable them to face physical death with peace and hope. In the love of Christ, we believe that even if the disease is incurable, inner healing is still possible. We also believe that even in frail old age and in the face of death, spiritual growth and renewal are still possible with the grace of God.

“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” (II Co 4:16)

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